What Can A Chatbot Do For My Business?

Imagine walking into a store and an employee coming up to you and asking this series of questions: 

  • May I help you?…
  • Yes, we have those products. Is this for indoors or outdoors?…
  • Let me show you the three options we have for you.

Just like a human assistant in a retail store, a chatbot expedites the customer’s journey and sales process on your website.

Your chatbot can ask specific questions to inquire about your website visitor’s needs or issues, then respond with the best product options or customer care solution. This turns your site from a list of static pages to a dynamic user experience.

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Why Use Chatbots?

Chatbots allow users to find what they want more accurately than they would by clicking from one static page to the next. Users can still navigate the website with a chatbot, but they can also just ask “show me red shirts,” and your bot will send them directly to the red shirt page. Your chatbot can also answer specific product or service questions.

Chatbots have artificial intelligence so they learn over time and become smarter about your products and services. Your chatbot will collect data on what users are looking for, obstacles they have with a specific product or service, and other business intelligence.

Ometrics Ochatbot™

Ometrics provides chatbot design and development. We have our own Ochatbot platform which may easily be customized to fit your application and use case. Our Natural Language Processing engineers will work with you during and after the launch of your chatbot to ensure that the chatbot is productive and continues to gain intelligence. Whether you are selling products on an ecommerce store or selling a complex service, your chatbot will increase leads and sales. 

Your Ometrics chatbot can engage and interact with visitors in three ways: 

  1. Chat function that is embedded into the page
  2. Sliders that come in from the side of the page
  3. Pop-ups that partially cover the page  

To learn more about Ochatbot and to see our live ecommerce bots, Click Here.

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Greg is forthcoming with ideas, feedback and questions. His communication style enabled the project to adapt to organizational and technical challenges, and the final product was launched successfully.


Lyndsey Crum

Lyndsey Crum

Assistant Dean, University of Colorado, Colorado School of Public Health

Greg’s one of those guys with a built-in sense of efficiency and usability. He speaks in short clear sentences, and after consulting with him our eComm biz did the same with significant increases in conversions.


Jeremy Steinman

Jeremy Steinman

Digital Director, The Snorkel Store

Greg has a tremendous breadth of digital marketing experience. Greg consulted on optimization strategy and launched a series of trial and purchase funnel A/B tests that led to higher conversion. I would recommend Greg to any organization seeking to improve its digital marketing performance or launch new digital initiatives. He’s the rare marketer with a solid technical background, analytical mind, and instinct for innovation.


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Matt Davidson

Head of Web Strategy at Wowza Media Systems