Lead Optimization

A Complete Lead Program

Lead Optimization Program

The Ometrics Lead Program is customized to your unique business and optimized to target your desired prospects. We offer a quality, one-stop lead funnel sales program that brings high quality leads to your business. The lead funnel is constantly being monitored and optimized by conversion rate experts to provide the best performance.

For most businesses, their typical web strategy looks like this – spend some money on paid advertising to drive traffic to your website where you want the visitor to fill out an email form.

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The Lead Optimization Program looks like this diagram. Advertising drives traffic to a landing page to create leads. If the visitor is not converted from the landing page, leads are captured from an exit intent popup, mobile banner or a phone call. Lead magnets are also used to capture their contact information. If the visitor does not convert from the landing page, they could be converted later with an email sequence.

Drive Quality Traffic & Find Prospects

We develop a highly targeted advertising campaign to find quality prospects. We drive these quality prospects to a custom landing page. When you have quality leads, your total advertising cost is lower because the cost per lead is lower.

High Converting Landing Pages

A custom landing page is created, hosted and optimized for conversions. Our years of conversion rate optimization testing allows us to create and continually test landing pages to achieve higher conversion rates. There is no standard or one-size-fits-all type of landing page. Each landing page is unique to your business goal.

Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are a key tactic in starting the lead process. A lead magnet is something your customer really wants and is willing to provide their contact information to get it. Our creative team works to understand what drives your customers to get what they want and then creates an irresistible lead magnet.

Exit Capture

97% of visitors leave a landing page without taking any action. When this happens, how can you get them to stay? Ometrics exit capture technology combined with the right type of lead magnet, triggered when the user is ready can capture an additional 10% to 30% of prospects.

Email & Phone Followup

The lead funnel does not stop once you have a new contact. Follow up email sequences are an important part of building brand awareness and nudging the prospect to take action to become a qualified lead. We create and distribute a series of emails to the prospects to keep them engaged with your brand as well as phone qualifying and appointment setting.

Lead Optimization Program

A complete lead optimization program from the top of the funnel to the sale

Targeted Traffic

Custom, highly targeted advertising campaigns driving prospects to your conversion funnel.

Landing Pages

High converting landing pages are created, hosted and optimized for conversions.

Lead Magnets

Creative lead magnets that spark the interest of your prospective customers.

Lead Capturing & Nurturing

Exit intent lead capturing, AI chat bots, SMS, eMail nurturing and more.



Happy Customers

Greg Ahern has been a valuable partner to SmartSearch Marketing. Through landing page testing and website CRO programs he has played a central role in improving clients’ online engagement, conversion, and bottom line business results.


Patricia Hursh

Patricia Hursh

VP Client Delivery, SmartSearch Marketing

Any CRO consultant can suggest “best practice” improvements to bump up conversion rates a few percentage points, but Greg Ahern fully understands how to dive deep into site behavior to pull out your site’s true value.


Justin Coons

Justin Coons

SEO & CRO Manager, Clicks and Clients

Greg Ahern’s experience with website and landing page best practices more than double leads. But one of Greg’s greatest assets is his focus on numbers and analytics. He tests and optimizes, then repeats until we get to the best possible website / landing page / advertisement.


Lynn Green

Lynn Green

Sr Marketing Manager at Wowza Media Systems

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