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ADA Web Consulting

ADA Web Consulting

ADA WCAG Web Compliance Consulting

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) seeks web accessibility for individuals of all physical and cognitive abilities. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are the go-to standard for web accessibility compliance; it provides website owners with a checklist they can follow to ensure a seamless user experience for people of all disabilities. However, if you’re unfamiliar with these guidelines, there’s a high chance that your business’ website is not ADA-compliant. This makes for an unfriendly user experience and opens your business up to lawsuits and fines. 

Over the last years, web accessibility lawsuits from lawyers and legal trolls have increased, which puts your business at a significantly higher risk if you are found not in compliance. This may cost your business a fortune. Fines for section 508 violations average from $55,000 for your first violation to $110,000 for each subsequent violation. 

Non-compliance is not only a litigious risk but also limits a website’s conversion rate optimization and SEO performance, and dents your business’ reputation.

Get a free ADA and WCAG audit to see how much at risk your business is from a lawsuit.

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The Process

Free ADA WCAG Audit

Our experts comb through your website using the WCAG criteria. The free audit allows you to understand your risk. A paid audit provides a detailed report for every issue and includes a plan of action.

Fixing Issues

Our detailed analysis and testing come with a plan of action and an experienced developer ready to make changes to the site for you if your team is too busy. We also retest the site to make sure the issues are fixed.

Ongoing Support

After the appropriate changes are made, a plan needs to be in place to retest the site on a regular basis as new site changes are made to ensure is fully in line with WCAG guidelines. 

Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

Get live feedback on what stops users from converting. Gain insights on how and where to start.

Conversion Rate Optimization Analysis

In-depth analytic analysis pinpoints issues and creates a test plan.

Conversion Rate Optimization Testing

Conversion rate optimization A/B testing that increases lift, based on years of testing experience.