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Free eCommerce Audit

Free eCommerce Audit

Free eCommerce Audit

Best Time to Call for Additional Information

Free eCommerce Audit

Best Time to Call for Additional Information

Want to Increase eCommerce Sales?

Ometrics Agency is offering eCommerce business owners an extensive eCommerce website audit that will improve business.

We will review your website from a conversion, engagement, and accessibility perspective and explain what we find via Zoom. Our findings will help you:

    • Understand where users are getting stuck on your site
    • Get new ideas to improve the conversion rate
    • Determine if the site engages shoppers
    • See how much at risk your business is from an ADA lawsuit.

Fill out this form to start your free eCommerce audit. We will call you to address your specific concerns and gather additional information (if needed) before beginning an audit.

What Will be Audited?

eCommerce Optimization

      • Do product pages provide enough information to easily make a purchase?
      • Are pages optimized for those with low attention spans?
      • Are there strong call-to-actions?
      • Is the checkout process focused on checking out?
      • Is the site loading correctly and quickly, if not, then why?

Customer Engagement

      • Are shoppers engaged throughout their shopping journey?
      • Do the engagement tools work correctly and help shoppers, not frustrate them?
      • Can customers easily communicate and have questions answered?
      • After customers engage,  are they making a purchase?

ADA & WCAG Accessibility

      • Is the site easily navigated for people that are visually impaired?
      • Does the site visually show everything for those with a hearing impairment?
      • Is the site more likely to be a target for an ADA lawsuit?
      • What are the top issues that should be corrected?
      • If an ADA plugin is being used, does it help or hinder ADA compliance?

eCommerce Audit Process


After you have filled out the Free Audit form we will review your site and call you to see if there are any additional questions or specific elements on your site you want us to focus on. Then our experts will start the analysis of your website.


An expert will review the findings over a Zoom call and show the areas for improvement. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have about eCommerce conversion optimization, shopper engagement, and ADA compliance.


Our audit comes with a plan of action. We will send you a concise report of the finding and answers to any questions that could not be answered during the meeting.