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Conversion Rate Optimization Consulting

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What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the art of increasing the number of desired user actions on a website. These actions can include clicking a submit button, making a purchase on a website or landing page, filling out email campaigns, taking a survey, and more. The conversion is defined by a goal where the user reaches a specific page and takes a desired action. Conversion rate optimization uses a combination of disciplines, from creative design and content, psychology, science and statistics to achieve the goal. A successful CRO plan will increase leads and have a noticeable effect on your business’ revenue.

How Conversion Rate Optimization Improves ROI

The above is an example of a case study of a client who spent $1,000 on advertising, with and without conversion rate optimization. On the original website, they received 500 clicks on their ad at a cost per click of $2. They got 20 leads at a cost of $50 per lead. The outcome is a 4% conversion rate on the website. After optimizing their website with a conversion strategy, with the same 500 clicks on the ad, the cost remained the same at $2 per click. However, they got 25 leads at a cost of $40 per lead. This is a savings of $10 per lead, which is a 5% conversion rate and a 25% lift in conversions. By adding conversion rate optimization, the client’s cost per sale dropped from $250 to $200.

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What Clients are Saying

“Greg Ahern has been a valuable partner to SmartSearch Marketing. Through landing page testing and website CRO programs he has played a central role in improving clients’ online engagement, conversion, and bottom line business results.”

Patricia Hursh

VP Client Delivery, SmartSearch Marketing

“Greg’s one of those guys with a built-in sense of efficiency and usability. He speaks in short clear sentences, and after consulting with him our eComm biz did the same with significant increases in conversions.”

Jeremy Steinman

Digital Director, The Snorkel Store

“Any CRO consultant can suggest “best practice” improvements to bump up conversion rates a few percentage points, but Greg Ahern fully understands how to dive deep into site behavior to pull out your site’s true value.”

Justin Coons

SEO & CRO Manager, Clicks and Clients

“Greg Ahern’s experience with website and landing page best practices more than double leads. But one of Greg’s greatest assets is his focus on numbers and analytics. He tests and optimizes, then repeats until we get to the best possible website / landing page / advertisement.”

Lynn Green

Sr Marketing Manager, Wowza Media Systems

Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

Get live feedback on what stops users from converting. Gain insights on how and where to start.

Conversion Rate Optimization Analysis

In-depth analytic analysis pinpoints issues and creates a test plan.

Conversion Rate Optimization Testing

Conversion rate optimization A/B testing that increases lift, based on years of testing experience.