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Conversion Rate Optimization Consulting

You Have 8 Seconds…

8 seconds for shoppers to convert

What Is Your Site Doing To Convert Visitors?


Most visitors leave a site in 8 seconds. Conversion rate optimization helps keep prospects on your site and convert them.

Greg Ahern, Founder of Ometrics, is a conversion rate optimization expert who increases conversions for e-commerce sales, leads, demo sign-ups, registrations, and more.

With over 1000 conversion optimization tests, Ometrics has a deep knowledge base to pull from to create creative test ideas to increase conversion on your site. 

CRO techniques include A/B testing, analytic analysis, tag manager, usability testing, surveys, and user engagement tools for websites, landing pages, e-commerce sites, SaaS registration, and more.


Let us look at your site and suggest conversion improvements for FREE so you stop losing business.

> Increasing E-commerce sales and AOV

> Increasing lead quality and volume 

> Lowering lead acquisition costs increasing ROI 

> Gain insights about your users and your market 

> Improve your nurturing campaigns

Free Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the art of increasing the number of desired user actions on a website. These actions can include clicking a submit button, making a purchase on a website or landing page, filling out email campaigns, taking a survey, and more. The conversion is defined by a goal where the user reaches a specific page and takes a desired action. Conversion rate optimization uses a combination of disciplines, from creative design and content, psychology, science, and statistics to achieve the goal. A successful CRO plan will increase leads and have a noticeable effect on your business’ revenue.

How Conversion Rate Optimization Improves ROI

The above is an example of a case study of a client who spent $1,000 on advertising, with and without conversion rate optimization. On the original website, they received 500 clicks on their ad at a cost per click of $2. They got 20 leads at a cost of $50 per lead. The outcome is a 4% conversion rate on the website. After optimizing their website with a conversion strategy, with the same 500 clicks on the ad, the cost remained the same at $2 per click. However, they got 25 leads at a cost of $40 per lead. This is a savings of $10 per lead, which is a 5% conversion rate and a 25% lift in conversions. By adding conversion rate optimization, the client’s cost per sale dropped from $250 to $200.

Ometrics Conversion Rate Optimization Process

The process of improving conversions on a site is through a series of A/B tests. We meet at least once a month to review results and implement new tests. In most cases, the process is as follows:

1) After the Free Conversion Audit, we may need to do additional analytic analysis. Then put a test plan together. The test plan is an accumulation of everyone’s ideas on tests that will help your KPI’s and have the greatest lift in conversions.

2) A piece of code is installed on your site similar to Google Analytics code in the <head> of each page.

3) The Ometrics team creates the tests and does all the coding required. No additional code changes are made to your site.

4) Once the test variations are approved by you, we start the tests and monitor them. Tests are run until statistical confidence is achieved; in some cases, tests are stopped and edited and run again until they have a positive lift.

5) Once the test has a statistically confident positive lift, it is concluded and a report is created with the test results, recommendations, and information for your developer to make edits to the site.

Common Questions

Is conversion rate optimization consulting expensive?
No, every company’s break even point is different. Some clients break even within a couple of months. We charge a flat rate per month. Rates are set by how many tests estimated tests will be run per month.

Do we need to create test ideas and designs to test?
Test ideas are always welcome, we provide ideas from what we see as the latest successful trends. 

Do we need to do any programming on our site for a test?
No, a simple script is added to your site, and the rest is coded by our developers in the testing system. The end result is a recommended change to the website which your developers can make.

How long does conversion optimization take?
There are two steps. First, we figure out what is wrong, and second, we run tests to find a statistically confident solution. We usually start testing within a week. The test length depends on the traffic and the difference between the variations being tested. An average test takes four to six weeks but can be as short as a couple of weeks.

Can we use our own tools and platforms?
Yes, we always use the best tools that fit our client’s needs. Although we have built our own testing tools, we also use tools that our clients already have in place, and we recommend other tools depending on the need. 

Can you help us set up Google Analytics, GA4, and Tag Manager?
Yes, analyzing the Google Analytics is usually one of the first steps. We can also help setup Google Analytics ecommerce and Tag Manager to gather more accurate conversion data and reporting.

How do we know a test result will work?
All tests are evaluated with statistics to determine if the test result is valid. We test goals throughout the funnel including an increase in revenues.

About Greg Ahern

Greg Ahern, the founder of Ometrics and is a conversion rate optimization consultant expert who speaks at conferences and webinars on conversion optimization. He has been in the digital marketing, AI, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization industry since 1994. He will work with you directly to increase your website or landing page conversion rate.

  • Conversion lifts of over 25% are common with my clients.
  • A knowledge base of over 1000 tests to apply to your problem from ecommerce to lead generation and trial/demo registration.
  • I eat, live, and breathe conversion rate optimization, and I always measure my success by increasing revenues for my clients. 
  • Proven CRO process that incorporates the whole conversion funnel including user insights and engagement, email, website/landing pages and registration / e-commerce checkout processes. 
  • I work exclusively with you. In fact, I limit the number of clients I work with per month so you get my full attention instead of being delegated to a project manager. 
  • Founded and sold internet businesses since 1994. I understand entrepreneurs, start-ups and large enterprises and how to lift leads and sales conversion rates. 
Greg Ahern

What Clients are Saying

“Greg Ahern has been a valuable partner to SmartSearch Marketing. Through landing page testing and website CRO programs he has played a central role in improving clients’ online engagement, conversion, and bottom line business results.”

Patricia Hursh

VP Client Delivery, SmartSearch Marketing

“Greg’s one of those guys with a built-in sense of efficiency and usability. He speaks in short clear sentences, and after consulting with him our eComm biz did the same with significant increases in conversions.”

Jeremy Steinman

Digital Director, The Snorkel Store

“Any CRO consultant can suggest “best practice” improvements to bump up conversion rates a few percentage points, but Greg Ahern fully understands how to dive deep into site behavior to pull out your site’s true value.”

Justin Coons

SEO & CRO Manager, Clicks and Clients

“Greg Ahern’s experience with website and landing page best practices more than double leads. But one of Greg’s greatest assets is his focus on numbers and analytics. He tests and optimizes, then repeats until we get to the best possible website / landing page / advertisement.”

Lynn Green

Sr Marketing Manager, Wowza Media Systems

Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

Get live feedback on what stops users from converting. Gain insights on how and where to start.

Conversion Rate Optimization Analysis

In-depth analytic analysis pinpoints issues and creates a test plan.

Conversion Rate Optimization Testing

Conversion rate optimization A/B testing that increases lift, based on years of testing experience.