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Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Consulting

Driving Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site But Getting Low Sales?

E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Is The Most Effective Way To Increase Revenue


I am a conversion rate optimization expert who has increased conversions for e-commerce sites for over two decades.

With 1000s of conversion optimization tests successfully completed, there is never a shortage of creative ideas to solve your site’s conversion rate dilemma. I can apply my knowledge to your e-commerce site or landing page with fast results. 

We are tool agnostic and can recommend testing platforms or use our own tools. CRO techniques include A/B testing, analytic analysis, usability testing, and AI.

All clients get the same amount of attention and care whether your ecommerce store has 3k to 10k visitors or over 250k  visitors a month.

– Conversion lift of 20% to over 100% are to be expected.

– Increase e-commerce sales and AOV

Lower e-commerce acquisition costs and increase advertising ROI 

Gain insights about your shoppers and your market

Free Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

Greg Ahern

Greg Ahern, the founder of Ometrics, is an AI and conversion rate optimization consultant expert who speaks at conferences and webinars on conversion optimization. He has been in the digital marketing, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization industry since 1994. He will work with you directly to increase your sales on your website.

What Will be Audited?

E-Commerce Optimization

      • Do product pages provide enough information to easily make a purchase?
      • Are pages optimized for those with low attention spans?
      • Are there strong call-to-actions?
      • Is the checkout process focused on checking out?
      • Are there areas on the site that cause indecision and slow down or block purchasing?

Customer Engagement

      • Are shoppers engaged throughout their shopping journey?
      • Do the engagement tools work correctly and help shoppers, not frustrate them?
      • Can customers easily communicate and have questions answered?
      • After customers engage,  are they making a purchase?

Common Questions

Is conversion rate optimization consulting expensive?
No, every company’s payback is different. Some clients have seen a payback within a month or two.

Do we need to create designs to test?
In most cases, we do all the work for the test. However, some clients have tests already in mind and we just do the testing and analysis.

Do we need to do any programming on our site for a test?
No, a simple script is added to your site, and the rest is done in the testing system. The result is a recommended change to the website which you can make.

How long does conversion optimization take?
There are two steps. First, we figure out what is wrong, and second, we run tests to find a statistically confident solution. We usually start testing within a week. The length of a test is dependent on the traffic and the difference between the variations being tested. An average test takes four to six weeks but can be as short as a couple of weeks.

Do you create, host, and test landing pages?
Yes, we can create landing pages and use our landing page server, or we can use your designs and host them on other platforms.

Can we use our own tools and platforms?
Yes, we always use the best tools that fit our client’s needs. Although we have built our testing tools, we also use tools that our clients already have in place, and we recommend other tools depending on the need. This includes website platforms like Hubspot, Marketo, etc.

Can you help us set up Google Analytics and Tag Manager?
Yes, analyzing Google Analytics is usually one of the first steps. We can also help set up Google Analytics e-commerce and Tag Manager to gather more accurate conversion data and reporting.

How do we know a test result will work?
All tests are evaluated with statistics to determine if the test is valid.

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Greg has a tremendous breadth of digital marketing experience. Greg consulted on optimization strategy and launched a series of trial and purchase funnel A/B tests that led to higher conversion. I would recommend Greg to any organization seeking to improve its digital marketing performance or launch new digital initiatives. He’s the rare marketer with a solid technical background, analytical mind, and instinct for innovation.

Matt Davidson

Head of Web Strategy, Wowza Media Systems

Greg is forthcoming with ideas, feedback and questions. His communication style enabled the project to adapt to organizational and technical challenges, and the final product was launched successfully.

Lyndsey Crum

Assistant Dean, University of Colorado, Colorado School of Public Health

Greg Ahern’s experience with website and landing page best practices more than double leads. But one of Greg’s greatest assets is his focus on numbers and analytics. He tests and optimizes, then repeats until we get to the best possible website / landing page / advertisement.

Lynn Green

Sr Marketing Manager, Wowza Media Systems