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A/B testing is pivotal in conversion rate optimization. Every other week, I share real A/B tests I’ve conducted for clients, you vote, and the following week the actual test result is revealed. Here are past tests.

Are there more add-to-cart clicks with the subscription option as default?

Default Subscription Test

The results:

Variation A won with Add to Cart clicks increased 2.7%

This test has a couple of variables. For example, the difference in the payment. If the discount for the subscription is not significant, it becomes a convenience, not an affordability decision. What was not measured was the number of shoppers that unsubscribed after the first order.

If you do this test, make sure it is very clear that the shopper is getting a subscription. This should be obvious not only on the product page but in checkout.

One subscriber asked if there were any compliance issues or if it is legal to have a subscription set to default. Each state in the US has different laws regarding subscriptions; most deal with making sure customers can unsubscribe and send a notice after 12 months to remind consumers of the subscription. I have not found any information that suggests setting a subscription as default is illegal. There may be compliance issues depending on your industry. Note that Amazon has subscriptions set as default and they have a lot of lawyers to defend their decision.

See you next week for another test!

Greg Ahern