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A/B testing is pivotal in conversion rate optimization. Every other week, I share real A/B tests I’ve conducted for clients, you vote, and the following week the actual test result is revealed. Here are past tests.

Does infinite scroll on a category page increase add-to-cart and checkout success?

Infinite Scroll Test

The results:

Variation A won

Variation B Add to Cart -5.10% @ 100% statistical confidence
Variation B Checkout Success -4.02% @ 100% statistical confidence

Although Infinite Scroll may work on social feeds to stimulate the brain like a drug, for e-commerce it has the opposite effect— at some point, the shopper is overwhelmed with choices and then makes no choice.

Depending on your target audience, testing the number of items shown will differ between desktop and mobile devices.

See you next week for another test!

Greg Ahern