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On a product page for a product that costs $300, which variation will get the most clicks to add to the cart and or to checkout?

A/B test: Variation A shows a white add to cart button and a red Buy now button. Variation B just shows a red Add to Cart button

This is kind of a trick question.

The first clue is “product that costs $300,” which can indicate a higher probability of a one-time purchase. Typically, the fewer decisions a shopper has to make, the higher the conversion rate. Asking “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” could hurt the conversion rate as well as the AOV. What is interesting about this test is the difference between mobile and desktop users. Here are the results for the test below:

Mobile: Variation A won with a lift of 70.58% @ 96% statistical confidence
Desktop: Variation B won with a lift of 123.76% @ 98.% statistical confidence
The combined results were not statistically accurate but showed a slightly negative result for Variation B because the site had more mobile traffic.

The reasoning: On mobile, “Buy Now” is a one-click step, which makes life easier for mobile users. On desktop, the shopper has more to explore and is more likely to use the “add to cart” button as a wishlist until they are ready to make a purchase. This can cause mobile to have a lower AOV but they did make a purchase.

Note that as with all tests, you need to test this on your site before implementing it. A test result from one site does not indicate it will be the same on another site due to many factors.

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