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Does having a payment plan like Affirm or Klarna on a category or collections page help or hurt conversions? Below is the text placed under each product image. There are multiple rows of products with five products in each row.

Which variation created more clicks to the product page?

Variation A and B of test

Here are the results:

Newsletter members: 65.52% voted for Variation A

The actual results: Variation B with no payment plan won. Clicks to product page 29% @ 98% statistical confidence.

The reason the payment plan did not work when placed on the category or collection page is…it is too early to talk about price in the sales journey. Shoppers first have to find the product, make sure it is what they want, and then consider price and payment plans. However, having the payment plan on the product and checkout page does work well.

As with all tests, you must test this on your site before implementing it. A test result from one site does not indicate it will be the same on another site due to many factors.

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